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Marketing Data Made Simple.

  • Extract, Transform, & Load
  • Automate Pipelines
  • Deliver Custom Reports & Tech

Corows was built by previous marketing agency members with the goal of alleviating data problems in teams.

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Level Up Your Reporting Game

Impress your clients and team with powerful automations. Here are some of the awesome data solutions you can build with Corows that you can instantly preview!
The library at a glance

Every data solution consists of blocks passing JSON data, our library is endlessly growing and soon you can even create your own!

Facebook Ads

Pull any Facebook Ads report, select a report type, the metrics you'd like to analyse, and segments.

Google Ads

Pull custom reports from your Google Ads accounts, parameterize attributes, segments, and metrics.

Google Search Console

Analyse your google search traffic, understand how certain keywords are being positioned, their CTR, & impressions

TikTok Ads

Pull any custom TikTok Ad reports to analyze which creatives are speaking to your audience the best.

Data Studio

Offered as an extension on Sheets. Instantly build and sync reports from your data to your dashboards.

Google Sheets

Read and write to Google Sheets by just authorizing and selecting from your accessible spreadsheets & worksheets.


Pull custom reports from Google Analytics, parameterize accounts, dimensions, metrics, and dates.

Custom Scripts

Coming soon - you'll be able to create your own blocks in Python and other scripting languages!

We love new use-cases!

Do you have anything we can automate? We'll work with you 1-on-1 to help you build your first custom automation for free!

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Why Corows?

Our vision for Corows lies in gradually nurturing a ecosystem for data automations allowing marketers to share unique solutions to be reused, minimizing wasted resources, inspiring ideas, and improving efficiency at scale.

Full Data Control

All of our integrations allows you to select exactly the data you need by selecting fields, dimensions, and metrics.

Flexibility & Usability

As we aspire to build an ecosystem we understand that creating a common technical ground for data stakeholders. Anyone is able to reparametrize automations easily and soon technical users will be able to edit function blocks code and create their own!

Evergrowing Library

The ability to share automation templates and enabling technical users to build their own custom blocks allows for a constantly evolving library. All while the Corows team continually focuses on improving and adding integrations.

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Basic features for up to 10 users with everything you need.
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Advanced features and reporting, better workflows and automation.
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Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.
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Basic features
Individual data
Automated workflows
200+ integrations
Reporting and analytics
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Advanced reports
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Customer properties
Custom fields
User access
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Advanced permissions
Audit log
Data history


Test Corows, create automations and test capabilities.
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Perfect for Freelancers and small ecommerce businesses
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Impress your clients or team & take your data operations to new heights
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Get onsite support and stay on top of your organizational tasks.
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Further Questions? Feel free to reach out!

Do I need technical skills to use Corows?
Not at all! Corows is focused on providing a common ground for all data stakeholders regardless of your technical ability. If you're not a technical person you can easily use our drag and drop builder to build the automation you need. The ability to add custom scripts and apply SQL transformations is only an extra feature that allows Corows to have ultimate flexibility for developers also without sacrificing usability for anyone else.
How does Corows execute automations?
All automations/pipelines start in your workspace editor where you can add blocks (functions and integrations) to your sketch to build out the pipeline. Blocks are categorized as either source, operator, or destination. Every block in your pipeline returns data in JSON records format so when you execute your pipeline it start by executing the sources which pull data (usually for an API or file) followed by the operators that process the raw data and a destination for storing or reporting.
How can you ensure my data is secure?
For storing your data and multiple versions of it we use Google Cloud Storage with the maximum security settings which includes industry standard encryption by default as well. Therefore none of your pipeline data is stored in our primary database.